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Future Trends from Past Cycles

Identifying share price trends and turning points through cycle, channel and probability analysis

By: Brian Millard Format(s): Paperback, Ebook ISBN(s): 9781871857047, 9780857190864 Published: 13 September 2010 Edition: 1st
SKU(s): 421802 560399

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  • Harnessing probabilities with groundbreaking precision

    Future Trends from Past Cycles explains how to identify potential future trends and turning points in equity prices (short, long and medium-term) by analysing past cycles in market data. Brian Millard's renowned technical expertise and mathematical insight forms the basis of this fascinating guide, built around a blend of cycle, channel and probability analysis.

    With a thoroughly documented methodology, and numerous worked examples at every step of the process, this is an exceptionally lucid and insightful contribution to the literature of technical analysis. It will help the trader to harness probabilities to their advantage, and to limit their risk, with greater precision than ever before.

    Finding the key 10% with a trading triple lock

    This book teaches you how to use cycles in your trading in a way that hasn't been attempted previously. At its heart are the three disciplines of cycle, channel and probability analysis, which ensure a triple lock on probability - massively reducing the blind spots and speculative nature common to more one-dimensional technical approaches.

    While the general view of technical analysts is that virtually all securities can be analysed for future movement, the detailed workings and research in this book shows that this is not the case. Only a small number, around 10%, have cycles...
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    1. Introduction
    Definition of a Trend
    Definition of a Cycle
    Determining Trend

    2. Risk and the Markets
    Sources of Risk

    3. How Prices Move (I)
    Coin Tossing
    Rising and Falling Trends

    4. How Prices Move (II)
    The Normal Distribution

    5. Simulating Future Movement
    Monte Carlo Simulation

    6. Cycles and the Market
    Properties of Sine Waves
    Cycles in the Stock Market
    Research on Market Cycles

    7. Trends and the Market
    Mathematical Trends
    Extrapolating a trend line

    8. Properties of Moving Averages
    Calculation of Moving Averages

    9. Averages as Proxies for Trends
    Probabilities From Centred Averages
    Boundaries and Channels

    10. Trend Turning Points (I)
    Short-term Trends

    11. Trend Turning Points (II)
    Estimation of Channel Direction

    12. Tre...
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Harnessing probabilities with groundbreaking precision Future Trends from Past Cycles explains how to identify potential future trends and turning points in equity prices (short, long and...

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