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Cover of Behavioral Portfolio Management by C. Thomas Howard
Behavioral Portfolio Management
Hardback  £32.00
Ebook  £21.25
Cover of Beyond The Zulu Principle by Jim Slater
Beyond The Zulu Principle
Hardback  £15.00
Ebook  £8.50

Cover of Corporate Actions - A Concise Guide by Francis Groves
Corporate Actions - A Concise Guide
Paperback  £29.75
Ebook  £8.50
Cover of Cotter On Investing by John Cotter
Cotter On Investing
Paperback  £10.00
Ebook  £4.00
Cover of Deep Value Investing by Jeroen Bos
Deep Value Investing
Paperback  £15.00
Ebook  £11.00

Cover of Fear and Greed by Nicolas Sarkis
Fear and Greed
Hardback  £15.99
Ebook  £5.00
Cover of Free Capital by Guy Thomas
Free Capital
Paperback  £15.00
Ebook  £7.50
Cover of Fundology by John Chatfeild-Roberts
Hardback  £14.44
Ebook  £8.95

Cover of Investing with Anthony Bolton by Anthony Bolton and Jonathan Davis
Investing with Anthony Bolton
Paperback  £10.00
Ebook  £4.00
Cover of Money Makers by Jonathan Davis
Money Makers
Paperback  £10.00
Ebook  £5.00
Cover of Multi-Asset Investing by Yoram Lustig
Multi-Asset Investing
Paperback  £24.18
Ebook  £25.50

Cover of Professional Investor Rules by Jonathan Davis
Professional Investor Rules
Hardback  £8.00
Ebook  £4.00
Cover of Quantitative Investing by Fred Piard
Quantitative Investing
Paperback  £18.00
Ebook  £13.50
Cover of Ratios Made Simple by Robert Leach
Ratios Made Simple
Paperback  £11.04
Ebook  £4.24
Cover of Red Joker Rules by Pat Holland
Red Joker Rules
Paperback  £11.04
Ebook  £1.00

Cover of Shares Made Simple by Rodney Hobson
Shares Made Simple
Paperback  £11.89
Ebook  £6.00
Cover of Small Companies, Big Profits by Rodney Hobson
Small Companies, Big Profits
Paperback  £3.00
Ebook  £3.78
Cover of Taming the Lion by Richard Farleigh
Taming the Lion
Hardback  £10.00
Ebook  £5.00

Cover of The 17.6 Year Stock Market Cycle by Kerry Balenthiran
The 17.6 Year Stock Market Cycle
Paperback  £11.99
Ebook  £9.89
Cover of The Commodities Investor by Philip Scott
The Commodities Investor
Paperback  £12.74
Ebook  £1.00
Cover of The Dividend Investor by Rodney Hobson
The Dividend Investor
Paperback  £14.39
Ebook  £3.50
Cover of The Emerging Markets Handbook by Pran Tiku
The Emerging Markets Handbook
Hardback  £30.00
Ebook  £25.50

Cover of The Essential P/E by Keith Anderson
The Essential P/E
Paperback  £14.44
Ebook  £9.34
Cover of The Green Investing Handbook by Nick Hanna
The Green Investing Handbook
Paperback  £14.99
Ebook  £9.59
Cover of The Handbook of Alternative Assets by Peter Temple
The Handbook of Alternative Assets
Hardback  £23.40
Ebook  £5.00

Cover of The Search for Income by Maike Currie
The Search for Income
Paperback  £15.19
Ebook  £3.50
Cover of The Street-Smart Trader by Ian Lyall
The Street-Smart Trader
Paperback  £3.00
Ebook  £2.29
Cover of The Zulu Principle by Jim Slater
The Zulu Principle
Hardback  £21.25
Ebook  £11.39

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