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This portfolio consistently outperforms by 400% By Lee Wild | Mon, 27th October 2014 - 12:23
Interactive Investor

27th October 2014
Buy low, sell high; it's the basic aim of every investor right? But so-called market experts are fond of telling us that market timing doesn't work for the majority of private investors. But they're w...Read Full Article

New book lays out framework for protecting corporate reputations by David Millward
Get Reading

27th October 2014
Businesswoman Jennifer Janson has set a framework for business leaders who want to take control of their corporate reputation in her new book, The Reputation Playbook.

A company's reputat...Read Full Article

Recommendation by Robert Prechter
Elliott Wave Int'l Newsletter

9th October 2014
[Recommendation posted in September newsletter from Robert Prechter of Elliottwave International]

John Burford, PhD (physics) and former CTA, left NASA to pursue a career in financial mar...Read Full Article

Good Reading: Everyday Entrepreneur book review by Lucille Redmond
The Market

1st October 2014
Most business books are aimed at big companies. Ken Horn's Everyday Entrepreneurs is an exception. It’s a great book for small businesses and startups, full of excellent advice that is targeted to t...Read Full Article

Book of the week Everyday Entrepreneurs Harriman House
The Times: Entrepreneur

22nd September 2014
No Silicon Valley-style platitudes to be found here: Ken Horn is an ex-Business Link adviser who has seen hundreds of businesses start, thrive and fail, including his own. Horn is good on the detail y...Read Full Article

Smarter working needs smarter thinking
The Guardian

12th September 2014
Giving a workforce laptops and mobile phones will not make it work smarter unless good processes and practices to underpin the technology are firmly in place

Smarter working needs smarter...Read Full Article

Book Review: The Rise of the Humans – How to outsmart the digital deluge By Dave Coplin
Katarina Nolte blog - Health, Food & Eco-Feminism

10th September 2014
Book Review: The Rise of the Humans – How to outsmart the digital deluge By Dave Coplin
Katarina Nolte ? 09/10/2014

This book was written by a Microsoft UK “envisioning officer...Read Full Article

Editor's Pick of the Month
Start Your Business Magazine

1st September 2014
The Secrets of Seven Alchemists by John Rosling, published by Harriman House, £16.99 While there many business books that reveal the story behind the success of celebrity entrepreneurs like Richard B...Read Full Article

Everyday Entrepreneurs with Ken Horn
The Entrepreneur's Library

29th August 2014
Q: Will you take a moment to introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about you personally? (0:36)

A: I am new to the book publishing business but have been in the startup community fo...Read Full Article

Spreadbet Magazine

26th August 2014
A review by Zak Mir

It may be stated that one of the things that the world has in ample supply are books on trading. Only Ebola, career politicians, speed cameras / traffic wardens and ta...Read Full Article

Where Do Investment Legends Look For Bargains
Interactive Investor

29th July 2014
Where do investment legends look for bargains?

By Frederik Vanhaverbeke | Tue, 29th July 2014 - 08:56

In their search for market-beating returns many investors resort to advi...Read Full Article

Book review - Excess Returns
Strictly Financial

20th July 2014
Book review: Excess Returns

Michael Wassermann | July 20, 2014

Excess Returns: A Comparative Study of the Methods of the World’s Greatest Investors by Frederik Vanhaverbek...Read Full Article

Tramline Trading Forex, A Real Life Example

13th July 2014
A real-life example of how Tramline Trading Forex works in a real time example trade in AUD/JPY. Guest post by John Burford, author of "Tramline Trading, A practical guide to swing trading with tramli...Read Full Article

World’s greatest investors’ methods explored in new book
Investor Today

9th July 2014
A new book by portfolio manager Frederik Vanhaverbeke explores the strategies of the world’s greatest investors.

Excess Returns, published by Harriman House, attempts to answer whether...Read Full Article

SpreadBet Magazine

8th July 2014
At times, investing can seem like trying to navigate blindfolded, especially to the novice trader. We might know where we start from and where we want to end up, but we aren’t sure how to get there ...Read Full Article

Active Voice

4th July 2014
Style comprises eleven lectures, first delivered at Cambridge and then rewritten. It is a considerable book. Its author is the
British scholar F.L. Lucas (1894–1967), and his theme is style i...Read Full Article

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