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Press and Publicity

Liverpool FC to host small business start-up event
Liverpool Echo
9th March 2015
LiverpooL’s Anfield stadium hosts a two-day event this week aimed at helping people start their own business.

Kick Off in Business was launched in 2012 by Ken Horn and has so far helped... Read Full Article

Winter Portfolio: Reliable stocks rocket by Lee Wild
Interactive Investor
6th March 2015
There's a seasonal trading strategy that typically generates far better returns than if you had stayed invested all year round. Over the past decade, it has outperformed the FTSE 350 index by at least... Read Full Article

Ex libris: new books from faculty and alumni
Queen's University, Ontario
3rd March 2015
The Reputation Playbook: a winning formula to help CEOs protect corporate reputation in the digital economy
Jennifer Janson

While the fundamental principles of building a reputation... Read Full Article

Book Review: Your Best Friend's Guide to Cash
Penny Golightly
20th February 2015
We love a good personal finance book here at Penny Golightly, so I jumped at the chance to review Your Best Friend’s Guide to Cash: Eight things every woman needs to know about money by award-winnin... Read Full Article

Why it's time to embrace new tech by Dave Coplin
City A.M.
12th February 2015
Many modern workers struggle to tune it out, but you can use it to your advantage, says Microsoft’s Dave Coplin.
Ever get frustrated that despite all of the advances in technology and how hard... Read Full Article

Book review - Behavioral Portfolio Management by Thomas C. Howard
Olive Branch United
11th February 2015
I recall the episode of Rumpole of The Bailey titled Rumpole And The Barrow Boy, where a financier blames a crisis on stockbrokers who think like fruit vendors. An unfair comparison, I believe, as the... Read Full Article

A Good Read for Women by Ian Cowie
The Sunday Times
1st February 2015
It will be 25 years in April since the Treasury recognised that wives are not their husbands’ chattels and introduced independent taxation of spouses. But many women remain reluctant to engage with... Read Full Article

Guest Speaker slot
1st February 2015
Michael Jacobsen is an Australian-born entrepreneur. He draws on his rich experience of owning and operating global entertainment businesses to provide the practical guidance that creative start-ups n... Read Full Article

Ask the Experts
1st February 2015
Craft catch-up
I’ve just graduated and dream of setting up my own craft business. The online community have been wonderful but I would love to actually meet up with people who ... Read Full Article

Invest Like The Best by Frederik Vanhaverbeke
Investor's Chronicle
23rd January 2015
Author and Fund Manager Frederik Vanhaverbeke says there is one thing that separates top investors from the average investor" investor intelligence. Here he explains how you can learn from the masters... Read Full Article

Managers read the runes for 2015 by Simon Bain
Herald Scotland
20th January 2015
As markets are hit by new waves of volatility, fund managers are trying to rally investors with largely optimistic forecasts for 2015.

The FTSE-100 plunged by 560 points in just six tradi... Read Full Article

Investing In Small & Mid-Cap Equities: Starved of capital
Invstment & Pensions Europe
13th January 2015
Europe faces the spectre of deflation, and the European Central Bank (ECB) seems set to be as active as possible in preventing it from taking hold, while its smaller companies remain deeply discounted... Read Full Article

Investing for 2015 - January 2015 by Nyree Stewart
Investment Adviser
12th January 2015
For many of us a new year brings a new start, but it looks like 2015 is already off to a rocky beginning.

At the end of last year Russia remained a key concern for investors, particularly... Read Full Article

Hot stocks blast benchmark - Winter Portfolio Jan 15 update by Lee Wild
Money Observer & Interactive Investor
8th January 2015
There's a seasonal trading strategy that typically generates far better returns than if you had stayed invested all year round. Over the past decade, it has outperformed the FTSE 350 index by at least... Read Full Article

Why you need a chief reputation officer by Harvey Schachter
The Globe and Mail
4th January 2015
Nothing is more vital to your company than its reputation, and this might be the year to confront that issue directly, forming a reputation steering committee. Such committees are promoted by Jennifer... Read Full Article

The Year's Top Investment Books
The Stock Trader's Almanac 2015
1st January 2015
The 17.6 Year Stock Market Cycle: Connecting the Panics of 1929, 1987, 2000 and 200, Kerry Balenthiran, Harriman House, $32.99.

This British-chartered accountant with a maths and engineer... Read Full Article

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