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Sandford, Goals to Gold
Reading the Markets

14th April 2014
Lee Sandford left school at the age of sixteen to become a footballer—or, more precisely, an apprentice footballer. He turned pro the next year. When he was in his mid-thirties he retired from the g...Read Full Article

Push to beat rivals overtakes need to replace bad economic theory
Financial Times

13th April 2014
Going all-out for maximised growth is often pushed aside

We all have a competitive instinct. Humans’ natural urge is to compete. Rather than do the best for ourselves that we possibly c...Read Full Article

Pro Athlete Lee Sandford Becomes Pro Trader After Kicking Football In 'Goals to Gold'

9th April 2014
Lee Sandford's new book Goals to Gold brings readers through a unique journey from professional footballer to professional trader.

And yes, footballer means soccer player.

Sa...Read Full Article

‘Economics is a broken science’: Dr George Cooper on his new book Money, Blood and Revolution | Video
World Finance

7th April 2014
World Finance interviews Dr George Cooper, fund manager and author of new book 'Money, Blood and Revolution', about how to fix the broken science of economics

Developing a modern economic...Read Full Article

Book Review and Author Interview
FX Trader Magazine

3rd April 2014
"Diary of a Currency Trader" is an easy to follow journal which reveals the daily operations of a currency trader. Samuel J. Rae reveals his trading approach through a step-by-step, well-illustrated d...Read Full Article

Clone towns: British towns in danger of becoming identical and soulless
The Independent

25th March 2014
Towns and cities across the country are on a “collision course with mediocrity” within the next few years, one of Britain's top experts on urban regeneration warned yesterday. Millions of Britons ...Read Full Article

Editor's pick
Flybe Uncovered

19th March 2014
In Wake Up and Sell the Coffee, Martyn Dawes, founder of Coffee Nation, aims to help ambitious entrepreneurs to think big and become tomorrow's high-growth success.
While Britain has a strong en...Read Full Article

Read All About It
Flybe Uncovered

19th March 2014
Spark for the Fire is an inspirational book written to encourage those who want to excel. Featuring contributions from creative people such as Nick Park, Academy Award winner and creator of Wallace & ...Read Full Article

Revolutionary fervour: Does economics need a rethink?
The Economist

7th March 2014
AS THE old joke goes, the questions in economics exams are the same every year; only the answers change. Just 40 years ago, the emergence of stagflation was prompting the monetarists to challenge the ...Read Full Article

Growing up is hard to do… Which is why nobody wants to do it

5th March 2014
Act your age, not your shoe size.

It’s a phrase that has long been used to berate us, both by our parents and by Prince, in his hit single from the ‘80s, Kiss.

But growin...Read Full Article

Risk Management: The Unsung Hero of Currency Trading
Traders Day Trading

4th March 2014
Getting started in the currency markets can initially seem simple, but the vast amount of information available to beginner traders means that it can quickly become daunting. A large number of traders...Read Full Article

The Perils of Business Plans and Money
Fresh Business Thinking

3rd March 2014
When I started Coffee Nation I thought I had found an idea that was good to run with - simple to operate takeaway coffee dispensers installed in newsagents and convenience stores across the UK.
...Read Full Article

Mr Consistency
Square Mile

27th February 2014
If there is one unnecessary thing that seems to run as undercurrent through the retail foreign exchange industry, it is the human need for complexity. Too many traders cram numerous indicators onto th...Read Full Article

Book Reviews
Your Trading Edge

27th February 2014
Have you ever wondered what the world's largest investors rely on to make their decisions? Analysts David Fuller and Eoin Treacy count some of the world's largest sovereign wealth funds, pension funds...Read Full Article

How mentors helped Martyn Dawes build £23m Coffee Nation in 10 years

25th February 2014
Why is it some entrepreneurs find it so hard to ask for help? Entrepreneur Martyn Dawes shares how mentors played an integral part in his success

The idea of a coach or mentor may seem at...Read Full Article

The Irish Times

17th February 2014
Here, Dawes charts the story of how he built Coffee Nation from an initial £50,000 personal investment into a business that he sold for £23 million 12 years later. The story starts with him pounding...Read Full Article

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