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How can we tell we have hit market bottom?
World Finance
8th February 2016
VIDEO: The cyclical nature of financial markets gives confidence to analysts. We all know when we hit bear territory it'll only last so long before we start seeing bullish sentiments start to filter t... Read Full Article

Anatomy Of The Bear: Interview With Russell Napier
2nd February 2016
Anatomy Of The Bear: Interview With Russell Napier Russell Napier’s critically acclaimed Anatomy Of The Bear: Lessons From Wall Street’s Four Great Bottoms returned with a brand new e... Read Full Article

How to protect yourself from scams
The Guardian
2nd February 2016
Scamming money out of people is a lucrative business for fraudsters but there are many ways to prevent yourself becoming a victim Fancy a job where you bombard thousands of people in a ma... Read Full Article

Book Club Video: The Book of Scams
IG Trading / New.Markets TV
1st February 2016
VIDEO: Financial fraud is unfortunately on the increase. Don’t be greedy, don’t look for huge gains, invest for the long-term and do due dilligence, says Rodney Hobson, author of Book of Scams.... Read Full Article

Author series: Opening credit - A practitioner’s guide to credit investment
CFA Society
29th January 2016
Author series: Opening credit - A practitioner’s guide to credit investment Tue 09 Feb 16 at Bloomberg, London In recent years the world has witnessed unprecedented growth in glob... Read Full Article

The Market
29th January 2016
Descended from Thomas Langlois Lefroy, whose killer charm made him the generally accepted model for Jane Austen’s Mr Darcy, the founder of Rentokil was Maxwell Lefroy, 1900s England’s premier ento... Read Full Article

Forex Trader Magazine
27th January 2016
Trader, prospective trader or even if you have no intention of ever trading – read this book! In HypnoTrading, Catherine Stott has produced a masterpiece for all traders. However, we se... Read Full Article

High Quality Book On Quality Investing
Seeking Alpha
26th January 2016
Quality aspect recognized by investing community long time ago (e.g. in Dividend Growth Investing) and recently popped out from leading academics (Robert Novy-Marx, Eugene F. Fama, Kenneth R. French, ... Read Full Article

Shares Magazine
21st January 2016
MARKET DIPS SHOULD be viewed as buying opportunities for quality companies. If a business is high calibre, one would hope any equity valuation weakness is temporary and investor interest will revive t... Read Full Article

Robert Carver Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio
Trend Following
21st January 2016
Today on Trend Following Radio Michael Covel interviews Robert Carver. Robert is author of “Systematic Trading: A unique new method for designing trading and investing systems.” He got his start i... Read Full Article

VIDEO: The psychology of trading
World Finance
19th January 2016
Trading requires a number of personal qualities, such as confidence and resilience. Is it possible to learn them? World Finance spoke with Catherine Stott, author of Hypnotrading, who use... Read Full Article

Master Investor
15th January 2016
Fund management is a funny industry. Numerous studies over time have shown that professional investors in charge of actively managed funds consistently fail to beat their benchmark. In other words, th... Read Full Article

The best books for entrepreneurs
The Sunday Times
11th January 2016
10. FROM VISION TO EXIT Time to get serious. What makes a good business great? And how should a great business grow and, in time, be sold? Having the right strategy is essential, as is de... Read Full Article

Being Wrong and Still Making Money
The AAII Journal
4th January 2016
The investment ideas of the some of the greatest investors on the planet today are wrong most of the time, and yet they still make a lot of money. How can this be? How can the world’s b... Read Full Article

Book review: Better Value Investing
Strictly Value
26th December 2015
Better Value Investing by Andrew Hunt is a good introduction to value investing. The author, an investment manager at Baillie Gifford, explains the key concepts in plain English: intrinsi... Read Full Article

BOOK REVIEW: Effective Investing
Jeremy Prescott
24th December 2015
Mark Dampier leads the funds research team at Hargreaves Lansdown, which has grown over the past thirty years to become the UK’s leading investment supermarket for private investors, entrusted with ... Read Full Article

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