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The Year's Top Investment Books
The Stock Trader's Almanac 2015
1st January 2015
The 17.6 Year Stock Market Cycle: Connecting the Panics of 1929, 1987, 2000 and 200, Kerry Balenthiran, Harriman House, $32.99.

This British-chartered accountant with a maths and engineer... Read Full Article

The Future is Small by Gervais Williams, A Book Review by Zak Mir
SpreadBet Magazine
11th December 2014
The Future Is Small by Gervais Williams. A book review by Zak Mir
Posted on Date Wednesday, November 12, 2014 at 11:15PM

“The Future is Bright, The Future is Orange”, was used f... Read Full Article

FTSE Performance In November: A Historic Perspective by Stephen Eckett
19th November 2014
Since 1984 the FTSE 100 Index has risen in 57% of years in November, with an average return over the period of 0.6%. This gives the month a rank of 6th place for monthly performance. From 1980 its rel... Read Full Article

Reputation Matters
Director Magazine
18th November 2014
Words Richard Dunnett

It’s the number one risk to a business, so we asked Jennifer Janson, author of The Reputation Playbook, for tips on how to help you devise a strategy that’s righ... Read Full Article

Capitalists would be crazy to ignore inequality
Business Day Online
17th November 2014
Ever since the publication of Capital in the 21st Century, prominent supporters of capitalism have rivalled each other in their denunciations of Thomas Piketty’s egalitarian thesis. In so doing, th... Read Full Article

Chart of the week: Tesco in the bargain bin? by John Burford
Interactive Investor
17th November 2014
In these articles, I will highlight a share that I believe has an interesting chart pattern. I am primarily a technical trader and use the methods I have developed that I call Tramline Trading. You ca... Read Full Article

Consensus challenged by the publication of ‘The Future Is Small’
Angel News
12th November 2014
The Future is Small is a new book that raises pertinent questions about the future of investing, beginning with the current stagnation of world economies - despite trillions of dollars of support bei... Read Full Article

Star fund manager Gervais Williams launches book on small cap investing
Every Investor
12th November 2014
Star fund manager Gervais Williams, managing director of Miton Group, has published his second book on investing, entitled: ‘The Future Is Small’.

Gervais Williams said of the book: ... Read Full Article

Miton : MANAGING director of Miton Group
12th November 2014
MANAGING director of Miton Group, Gervais Williams' new book may be called The Future Is Small but the crowd at its launch last night was anything but. A 300-strong throng of Miton's employees, client... Read Full Article

A Test of Character: How to Manage your firm's online rep
Chartered Mangement Institute
12th November 2014
Reputation is a company’s greatest asset – but, as our guest columnist points out, the challenges it is facing in the digital age can be daunting.

The fundamental principles of reputa... Read Full Article

Book details & review: Excess Returns
Taking Care of
11th November 2014
An analysis of the investment approach of the world’s top investors, showing how to achieve market-beating returns. It is possible to beat the market. Taking this as a starting point, Excess Returns... Read Full Article

Book details & review: The Lazy Fundamental Analyst
Taking Care of
11th November 2014
The Lazy Fundamental Analyst
by Fred Piard
Harriman House
Retail Price $34.00
Amazon Price: $23.75

Book Description: This is a simple, quick and effective approac... Read Full Article

Book Extract: Why big is no longer beautiful
The Sunday Times: Book Extract
9th November 2014
Something intriguing happens when you ask a man who’s just placed a bet about his chances of winning. His outlook becomes just a little more optimistic than the person still waiting in the queue to ... Read Full Article

Contrarian: Why we need AIM rivals by David Stevenson
Investment Week
7th November 2014
Gervais Williams is an excellent investor. Over the last few decades, in various perches at big houses, Miton’s managing director has made his investors a great deal of money.

Yet what ... Read Full Article

The investment world is changing; think small, think long-term, says top fund manager
Proactive Investors
7th November 2014
The world of investing has reached a turning point. The credit boom of the last 25 years has come to an end, requiring a completely new approach from the guardians of our long-term savings.

Read Full Article

Magic Returns from Halloween Investing
The Financial Times
3rd November 2014
Magic returns from Halloween investing

By Jonathan Eley

Stock markets typically perform better over the winter than the summer, leading one broker to create portfolios to tak... Read Full Article

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