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Press and Publicity

The more you earn, the more likely you are to be taken for a ride
Financial Times
14th August 2015
Wealthy people fall for financial scam Please do not take offence. You may be a consummate professional at work, but you are likely to be a bumbling amateur at home. We train for work but... Read Full Article

Book review - The Idle Investor
14th August 2015
A couple of months ago an excellent book, The Idle Investor, was published through Harriman House by a writer that Stockopedia subscribers will by now be very familiar with… the irrepressible Edmun... Read Full Article

FTSE 250 – The hidden investment gem
Master Investor
10th August 2015
This is the third in a series of seven articles drawn from my new book, 7 Successful Stock Market Strategies. The focus of these strategies is successful long-term UK equity investment. T... Read Full Article

The smart home and a data underclass by Marc Ambasna-Jones
The Guardian
3rd August 2015
The internet of everything means connected appliances can generate their own data. Marc Ambasna-Jones asks if insurance companies could use it against us Domestic appliance manufacturers ... Read Full Article

Guest Speaker
Craftseller Magazine
1st August 2015
If you’ve never dealt with a wholesaler online before, you may find it isn’t as you would expect. Robert Pugh, author of The eBay Business Handbook, suggests eight points to consider. ... Read Full Article

Barclays and Standard Chartered investment lessons from Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse
International Business Times
15th July 2015
Banks are not exactly popular companies these days. At a cocktail party, I think that I would rather claim to be a maths teacher than a banker, so low is the stock of bankers. I have a strong suspicio... Read Full Article

The Human Factor in Credit Investing
HFM Week
15th July 2015
At first glance, this is a good time to be a credit investor. Admittedly, interest rates, which, at least in the US appear to be turning, could force bond prices to crater. However, savvy investors ... Read Full Article

Book review by Nicky Torode
Raise Your Game Services
10th July 2015
An exceptionally easy-read, in a conversational style that’s like chatting to a knowledgeable mate who passionately wants you to succeed. It bubbles over with nuggets on every page. It is a highly p... Read Full Article

Halfords investors find solace in Lycra-clad men as George Osborne inflicts welfare
International Business Times
7th July 2015
Wednesday 8 July sees Chancellor George Osborne deliver his first purely Conservative Budget - the first in 19 years! What surprises could he spring on the great British public? I think t... Read Full Article

Chart of the week: Two shares at critical levels
Interactive Investor
6th July 2015
In these weekly articles, I will highlight a share that I believe has an interesting chart pattern. I am primarily a technical trader and use the methods I have developed that I call Tramline Trading.... Read Full Article

Summer Portfolios outperform as benchmark crashes
Interactive Investor
3rd July 2015
Summer is typically more pedestrian in terms of share price performance. However, after extensive research, Interactive Investor has uncovered two seasonal portfolios which have significantly outperfo... Read Full Article

Book promotion - July
What Investment
1st July 2015
A Special Saving with Harriman House In each edition of What Investment we have been sharing special offer codes that allow you to get your hands on some brilliant books that are being re... Read Full Article

Crossword competition
What Investment
1st July 2015
Win a prize in our crossword competition... Read Full Article

Dan Taylor: The Secrets of Big Business Innovation
Global Innovation Magazine
1st July 2015
Innovation can be found everywhere, but the road from idea to realisation is fraught with difficulty. Dan Taylor is the Managing Director of the New York office of innovation consultancy firm, Market ... Read Full Article

Edmund Shing: Time to get bullish as the Chinese investment market bottoms out
International Business Times
30th June 2015
Is the party finally over for the world's largest economy? No, I am not talking about the United States, but rather China. And before you start complaining about my facts; yes, China is officially the... Read Full Article

How to establish a successful long-term FTSE 100 investment strategy
Master Investor
29th June 2015
In the second of a seven-part series for Master Investor, Glenn Martin, author of 7 Successful Stock Market Strategies, discusses long-term investment in the FTSE 100. This is the second ... Read Full Article

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