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The Crypto Handbook

The ultimate guide to understanding and investing in digital assets, Web3, the metaverse and more.

By Sam Volkering
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About the Author

Sam Volkering

Sam Volkering is Investment Director & Head of Crypto at Southbank Investment Research.

With a background in traditional investment markets and advice, in 2010 he discovered bitcoin changing the trajectory of his career.

He launched pioneering crypto research and advisory services into the Australian and British markets in 2013, helping investors understand, invest and participate in the ... Read more on Sam Volkering

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Turbulence in crypto markets has left investors and potential investors terrified about the future of digital assets and decentralised finance. Valuations have collapsed, exchanges have bankrupted, and billions of dollars have been washed away. But is it really a crisis? Or is the immense promise and potential of this dynamic new asset class stronger than it’s ever been?

This isn’t the first crypto boom and bust (likely not the last), and with every cycle exciting, emerging innovative opportunities rise to the surface and provide untapped potential for the informed investor.

Investment and crypto expert Sam Volkering delves into the turmoil and unlocks the realities and potential of the still-emerging crypto opportunity.

The Crypto Handbook is a must-have guide to the fundamentals of crypto and digital assets, covering topics such as exchanges, blockchain, NFTs, Web3, the metaverse and much more. Learn how to construct a robust crypto portfolio, how to secure and protect your crypto assets, how to put your crypto to work using decentralised finance, and how to spot and avoid threats and scams.

This indispensable book reveals the latest thinking on the present and future of crypto, from some of the sector’s leaders and innovators.

Featuring interviews with:

Luc Froehlich and Ben Brophy, Fidelity
James Putra, TradeStation
Dr. Jemma Green, Powerledger
Hector McNeil, HANetf
Lawrence Wintermeyer, GBBC Digital Finance

By demystifying the complexities and confusion rife in the mainstream, The Crypto Handbook is a must-read for crypto newcomers and experienced investors alike. Readers will improve their ability to answer questions such as:

What separates Bitcoin from the other ‘altcoins’ on the market?
Can and should we trust crypto exchanges?
What role do stablecoins play in the future of global finance?
Is there any substance to the metaverse?
What is blockchain, and how does it work?
Are NFTs dead, or is another NFT boom around the corner?
Is Web3 the future of the internet?
And much more.

Learn to master the crypto markets now with The Crypto Handbook.

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