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Evan Bleker

Evan Bleker discovered investing during his senior year at high school when attending a consumer economics class, but he began intensive study in the early 2000s. Despite his focus on value investing, he only began to handily beat the market after discovering Graham’s net-nets in 2010.

His ongoing success comes down to his ability to successfully apply Graham’s net-net stock strategy and cultivate a strong emotional temperament. Evan spends much of his time reading about investing and business, including the early writing of great deep-value investors who employed Graham’s classic strategy. Since 2010, he has focused on finding enduring net-net investing principles that serve as best practices. This focus, along with developing a strong emotional temperament and sticking to his strategy through both good and bad periods have contributed to his great portfolio returns.

Evan graduated from Simon Fraser University during the Great Financial Crisis (GFC) with a degree in Analytic Philosophy. If there was ever a time for a philosophy major to look for a job, the GFC was not it. Evan joined thousands of other economic migrants and traveled East to teach English. He became totally consumed by net-net stocks, eventually launching Net Net Hunter to help others find international net nets and put together a high-quality net-net portfolio quickly and easily. The website is now a thriving little community of dedicated net-net stock investors.

While originally from Canada, Evan currently resides in Seoul, South Korea, and spends much of his time traveling around the Ring of Fire. When he’s not investing in net-nets, or managing Net Net Hunter, he practices Brazilian jiu-jitsu, studies personal development, and helps friends start businesses.

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