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Let's Check-in with Michael Brown, Author I Don't Agree and Managing Director MKTG
Let's Reset
1st July 2020
This is a great interview to hear about how arguments start, linger and can be resolved, if we want them to be and the bust up at work that drove Michael to wrote this book. I Don't Ag... Read Full Article

Trader tales: Joachim Klement's 7 Mistakes Every Investor Makes
1st July 2020
In his new book 7 Mistakes Every Investor Makes, published in February by Harriman House, Klement calls upon 20 years of investing experience to break down academic and scientific research of what wen... Read Full Article

The lost art of debate: when did we lose the ability to agree to disagree?
The Telegraph
1st July 2020
My learnings from that time inspired my new book - I Don’t Agree; why we can’t stop fighting and how to get great stuff done despite our differences. It’s out today (July 1). One ... Read Full Article

The Implications Of Creating Addictive Products
Branding Strategy Insider
23rd June 2020
If you want to understand how valuable behavioral science is to a digital business – there’s your answer. Creating a product people want might make you a few million dollars. But creating one that... Read Full Article

Ripple – The Big Effects of Small Behavior Changes
Roger Dooley Author and Keynote Speaker
18th June 2020
Together, Jez and April are the authors of the new book, Ripple: The big effects of small behaviour changes in business, and they join the show today to share how small behavior changes can have wide-... Read Full Article

Trading futures and stocks systematically
15th June 2020
Webinar with Urban Jaekle, author of Trading Systems. ... Read Full Article

FT Business Books - April to June Edition
Financial Times
8th June 2020
De Cremer's vision is of a world in which human and algorithm work alongside each other, with managers liberated from humdrum tasks and computers helping to reinforce trust and augment decision-making... Read Full Article

What COVID-19 Teaches Us About the Importance of Trust at Work
5th June 2020
De Cremer is provost’s chair and professor in management and organizations at NUS Business School at the National University of Singapore. He is the founder and director of the Center on AI Technolo... Read Full Article

Has Warren Buffett Lost His Mojo?
Think Advisor
5th June 2020
Cunningham’s new book is “Dear Shareholder: The Best Executive Letters from Warren Buffett, Prem Watson and Other Great CEOs” (Harrison House-April 2020). In our conversation, Cun... Read Full Article

Leadership Development in the Age of the Algorithm
1st June 2020
David de Cremer, Provost Chair and Founder and Director of the Centre on AI Technology for Humankind, NUS Business School, who has written a book ‘Leadership by Algorithm’ on this topic, gives cla... Read Full Article

Leadership by Algorithm: Who leads and who follows in the AI era?
Master Investor
1st June 2020
Leadership by Algorithm will be of most interest to those involved in the management of businesses and anyone else who is fascinated by the power of and challenges posed by rapidly developing technolo... Read Full Article

Getting into the swing (Marc Rivalland-style)
Trader's Nest
29th May 2020
If you missed last week’s email we’re working through a batch of trading books I’ve been asked to review. We put the titles out to vote and Swing Trading by Marc Rivalland won by a nose. ... Read Full Article

The Local Versus Global Marketing Debate
Branding Strategy Insider
27th May 2020
As is often the case in marketing, there is no one approach that is always the better option. As Mark Twain said, “All generalizations are false, including this one.” It is too easy to find cultur... Read Full Article

Episode 40 - Richard Chataway on The Behaviour Business
The Human Risk Podcast
22nd May 2020
On this episode, I speka with Richard Chataway who is a Behavioural Science practitioner that has recently published a book called "The Behaviour Business". In it, he explores how busin... Read Full Article

Virtual Book Launch - Leadership By Algorithm (David De Cremer)
22nd May 2020
This event introduces David De Cremer's new book "Leadership by Algorithm: Who leads and who follows in the AI era?" joined by Jamie Anderson (one of the top management thinkers by Financial Times and... Read Full Article

Adam Grant Picks 15 New Leadership Books for a Summer in a Quarantine
22nd May 2020
Everyone is buzzing about artificial intelligence, but few people have a clue how it will affect the way organizations are managed. After spending years studying leadership and trust, De Cremer has wr... Read Full Article

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