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The Art of The Click
Ask Direct: Askblog
24th May 2019
Maybe you’ll think this is obvious. I didn’t. So I thought I’d share. In the “Art of the Click”, Fisher explained the importance of highlighting ... Read Full Article

Glenn Fisher
Call to Action Podcast
17th May 2019
Armed with a fishing pole and a tasty bait of Hemmingway, we caught none other than Glenn Fisher. Arguably the most famous person to be born in Grimsby (by default), Glenn became a cop... Read Full Article

Piers Newson-Smith: why behavioural science can lead to dangerous marketing as well as bad politics
More About Advertising
10th May 2019
In fact, the case for behavioural economics in advertising goes further. As Richard Shotton argues in his brilliant book The Choice Factory, it improves quality too. If brands want sustainable success... Read Full Article

Book Review: Way of the Trader, By Ian Murphy
Master Investor
8th May 2019
Overall, Way of the Trader is an ideal companion for those new to the world of financial trading, as well as an indispensable guide for more experienced traders who also might find a few new ideas to ... Read Full Article

20 Second Book Review
1st May 2019
Personal finance experts Richard Evans and Richard Dyson give readers everything they need to know to generate an income to last them throughout retirement. For those who have retired u... Read Full Article

“Your Retirement Salary” – the pension best seller.
The Vision of the Pension Playpen
28th April 2019
Richard Dyson & Richard Evans, the Daily Telegraph’s senior personal finance journalists, have written a book. I like the title “Your retirement salary” , the book is about creati... Read Full Article

Book Review: Way Of The Trader, By Ian Murphy
Talk Markets
27th April 2019
It’s been a while since a mainstream publisher released a book on trading, especially trading with a human face. Ian Murphy’s Way of the Trader: A Complete Guide to the Art of Financial Trading (H... Read Full Article

The Real Keys to Being Rich and Truly Wealthy
Your Money, Your Wealth
26th April 2019
Brian Portnoy, Ph.D., CFA® (author, The Geometry of Wealth) on the difference between being rich and wealthy, and how to achieve both. Plus, what about tax brackets? Joe and Big Al respond to a chall... Read Full Article

Book Review: The Sceptical Investor How contrarians bet against the market and win - and you can too
Think Trading
26th April 2019
Most books on investing have a positive title, like “How to win at investing” or something similar, but Stepek has chosen as a main title one that is fitting to his cautious and thoughtful ... Read Full Article

Five great books that will make you better at PR
PPR Consulting
26th April 2019
4. The Choice Factory | Richard Shotton | @rshotton The aim of PR is to reach an audience through earned media to influence them: usually to buy your stuff. But if you don’t understan... Read Full Article

Why investors need to be aware of their behaviour - Herman Brodie
The Evidence-Based Investor
23rd April 2019
Herman Brodie is a specialist expert in behavioural economics. Formerly an algorithmic trader for an investment bank, he became fascinated by the predictable aspects of human behaviour and how that af... Read Full Article

Found a share you love? Don’t buy until you’ve answered this vital question
The Motley Fool
22nd April 2019
Stock-picking requires time and a willingness to thoroughly research companies before buying them. Even Warren Buffett — generally regarded as the best stock-picker that’s ever lived — believes ... Read Full Article

Becoming a sceptical investor, with John Stepek
Informed Choice Radio
22nd April 2019
It seems that all investors want to be contrarian investors. My guest today explains that being a contrarian is hard work. It requires a lot of patience, both in terms of waiting for op... Read Full Article

Stepek, The Sceptical Investor
Seeking Alpha
18th April 2019
John Stepek, executive editor of the UK's best-selling financial magazine MoneyWeek, has written an astute book for retail investors. The Sceptical Investor: How Contrarians Bet Against the Market and... Read Full Article

Understandings on what drives consumers
Marketing IE
17th April 2019
Richard Shotton’s recent book The Choice Factory is arguably the most practical guide to behavioural economics, with an overview of how findings from behavioural science can be applied to marketing ... Read Full Article

Like Fleabag, we all want to be told how to live – but money rules don't always work
The Telegraph
15th April 2019
Upon inspection, the “save half your age” rule fails to deliver – and it is not alone. Last week we reported that the “4pc rule”, which says you can safely withdraw 4pc of your pension a yea... Read Full Article

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