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Books for Traders: 21st Century Point & Figure by Jeremy du Plessis

Cover of  by Jeremy du Plessis

From the author of The De- finitive Guide To Point And Figure, this book seeks to bring point & figure chart- ing into the modern age.

Point & figure has been around for more than 130 years; while the basic principles of the technique have remained unchanged, those working with point & figure can try to push the boundaries of how it is used in order to make it more effective and useful.

Some analysts believe that the lack of a time element on point & figure charts means that time-based tools and indicators can?t be used with them, or that the lack of a volume component means that the importance of individual columns can?t be determined. However, in his new book, du Plessis shows that neither is the case, and that with some lateral thinking, a host of other techniques can be added to point & figure charts and analysis. Finally, the author introduces a point & figure?based oscillator that can also be used on time-based charts. All topics are illustrated with color charts.

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