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Investing in dangerous times: Fund manager Tim Price tells you how to survive

Cover of  by Tim Price

In the latest Money Makers podcast, Jonathan Davis talks to fund manager and market commentator Tim Price, well known to many for his regular contributions to MoneyWeek and The Spectator.

The topic is how best to invest your money in the unprecedented zero interest rate world in which we live – when bank deposits and government bonds, once the risk-free assets on which millions relied for income, yield next to nothing and central banks around the world are busy creating money left, right and centre in a desperate and so far not very successful attempt to breathe life back into their stuttering economies.

The podcast breaks down into two episodes. In the first, Tim, a private client investment manager for the past 15 years, and now managing this own fund, explains why he believes that “the mother and father of financial accidents is waiting to happen”, a theme he has expounded at length in a new book Investing Through the Looking Glass:

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