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“Conkers’ Corner” speaking with Tim Price

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[Audio recording]

Welcome to the 35th SHARE TALK’s CONKERS’ CORNER recorded on 21st November 2016. In this interview I have the pleasure of speaking with @timfprice Tim Price the awarding winning Fund Manager, Author and co-founder/Director of PFP Wealth Management. This business is a UK-based investment and financial advisory practice which advises on and manages £1.5 billion in client assets and is designed to provide investors with global exposure to managers pursuing value investment strategies. Tim is also a columnist for MoneyWeek magazine where he runs an investment advisory service, The Price Report gives individual investors the chance to hear the very latest views, insights and specific tips from top-level City investors and professional managers.

Tim graduated with a BA in English language and literature from Christ Church, Oxford University in 1991. He “fully intended to pursue a job in Media” but sadly found that there were not that many jobs suitable for him. The first job that he could find was that of a Fixed Income Salesman in the Bond Markets in what was then a Japanese Bank. It later became Paribas Capital Markets and later Merrill Lynch. Tim helped to set up an award-winning investment management department at Ansbacher & Co. in 2001. He then moved to Union Bancaire Privée (UBP) in London where he was the Chief Investment Officer, global strategies, helping to manage over $1 billion in an absolute return programme for institutional clients.

Tim Price has now worked in the capital markets for more than 25 years, his accumulated knowledge, insights and experience led to him being approached by Harriman House to write a book. The result is his first book: “Investing Through The Looking Glass: A Rational Guide to Irrational Financial Markets” for Harriman House In his book Tim identifies and questions several investment myths and misconceptions. He questions whether stock markets inevitably rise over the longer term, whether bonds continue to be relevant as a fail safe low-risk asset and whether professional fund managers represent “smart money”. Having identified the problems besetting today’s investor, the focus then moves on to practical guidance to help investors preserve and grow their capital in this age of inflationary and deflationary uncertainty. Jim Mellon, Investor and Chairman, Burnbrae Ltd emphatically states:

“Tim Price is one of the most cogent commentators on markets; this book contains wisdom and ideas that every investor should take note of. Tim has summarised the follies of Central Bankers, the avarice and general uselessness of financial advisers, and the bubble in asset prices that currently prevails. He comes up with a Manifesto which is designed to save us from the disastrous policies of the past two decades and to preserve and enhance capital. I thoroughly recommend Through the Looking Glass.”

Listen now to gain insights into how Tim presents a route map for navigating one of the most challenging financial environments that anyone has ever seen. Learn from the lessons in his successful, insightful investing journey. #LEARNING #STOCKS #SHARES #BONDS #RISKS #INVESTING #CONKERSCORNER

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