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New Releases

Cover of Tramline Trading by John Burford
Tramline Trading
Paperback  £30.00
Ebook  £21.25
Cover of Everyday Entrepreneurs by Ken Horn
Everyday Entrepreneurs
Paperback  £8.99
Ebook  £4.50
Cover of Excess Returns by Frederik Vanhaverbeke
Excess Returns
Hardback  £32.20
Paperback  £23.00
Ebook  £18.40
Cover of Living in Wonderland by David Twohig
Living in Wonderland
Paperback  £25.50
Ebook  £18.69

Cover of The Rise of the Humans by Dave Coplin
The Rise of the Humans
Paperback  £8.49
Ebook: FREE
Cover of Petromania by Daniel O'Sullivan
Paperback  £16.14
Cover of Property Tycoon by Ian Samuels
Property Tycoon
Paperback  £11.00
Ebook  £9.00

Cover of The 5-Minute Marketer by Stefan Ekberg
The 5-Minute Marketer
Paperback  £11.00
Ebook  £3.10
Cover of The Emerging Markets Handbook by Pran Tiku
The Emerging Markets Handbook
Hardback  £36.00
Ebook  £24.00
Cover of Goals to Gold by Lee Sandford
Goals to Gold
Paperback  £11.99
Ebook  £10.39

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